Our current worship leaders at The River Fellowship are Jacquelyn Maas, Michael & Trudy Harris, Victoria Park, and Paul & Heidi Hughes.

Worship at The River varies weekly, but our single purpose remains: to focus on Jesus Christ. Jesus is worthy of all our praise and adoration. River worship fosters the proclamation and declaration of his goodness.

As we fix our gaze on him in worship together as a body, God will often minister his kindness during this time, manifesting in things like physical or emotional healing, and/or an increased sense of joy and peace.

After the great event of the exodus from Egypt, it says, "Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron's sister, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing." (Exodus 15:20) Dancing is and always has been an appropriate, celebrative response to the goodness of God expressed in his mighty acts (see also Psalms 30:11; 149:4; 150:4).