Regarding our governmental structure, The River Fellowship is a leadership driven church (as opposed to a congregational model). We embrace the fivefold ministry (Ephesians 2:20; 4:11), believing that the five offices of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher are valid for the church today. We are governed by a body of elders who comprise the Leadership Team.



Senior Leaders

Paul and Heidi Hughes are passionate followers of Jesus who teach the word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, and minister in the prophetic as well as in worship. Paul is Senior Pastor at The River Fellowship, and Heidi co-pastors alongside him.

Paul earned a PhD in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and Heidi received a BA in Biblical Studies from Providence College.  Although they maintain a solid biblical foundation, they don’t rely merely on the academic use of the Bible but instead, pursue a Word/Spirit balance in their teaching. Paul and Heidi carry and release, through impartation, a unique revelation of spiritual unity in marriage.

Heidi is a visual artist and she loves to let the Holy Spirit lead her as she paints. Paul enjoys music, reading, writing and photography. They have three sons, two daughters-in-law, two grandchildren, and a dog.

Paul and Heidi hold high expectations for every meeting they conduct—whether large or small—that God will come and touch his people with his presence, so that lives will be changed and the Kingdom advanced.

Recent favourite quote: “When the fruit of ministry becomes greater than the depth of the root of intimacy, like a tree, uprightness will be compromised at some point by the weight of the fruit . . . by even the good thing that God is doing.” (Justin O’Shea)



Associate Leaders

Randy and Jacquelyn are radical, laid-down lovers of Jesus. Randy is Assistant Pastor at The River, with a passion for prophetic evangelism and healing, as well as a great hunger for the Presence and Word of God. Jacquelyn serves as a passionate, anointed worship leader, and enjoys blogging and writing fiction. Currently a stay-at-home mom, her primary ministry is to her children, Teagan, Asher, and Aubin.

Randy received a BA in Religious Studies from Trinity Western University. Jacquelyn has a BA in History from Trinity Western University and a Certificate in Bible from Prairie Bible Institute. Both of them served as Pastoral Interns under Paul & Heidi Hughes at The River, and have been equipped through the International Leaders School of Ministry (Catch The Fire Ministries) and The School of Miracles (New Wine International). Randy recently began Master's level leadership studies at Catalyst University, based out of Southeastern University in Central Florida.

Recent favourite quote: “God has privileged us in Christ Jesus to live above the ordinary human plane of life. Those who want to be ordinary and live on a lower plane can do so, but as for me, I will not.” (Smith Wigglesworth)



Associate Leaders

Michael and Trudy have a passion for seeing God’s love and power move in practical ways. They long to see people physically healed and delivered from torment. They enjoy leading worship together, and are humble servants who have pursued God with a relentless hunger over the last few years. Michael and Trudy love mentoring young people, yet also learn from those much younger than they are.

Trudy currently works at Pacific Academy and uses her administrative gifts there. Michael is a self-employed sound technician and artist/designer. Both of them have recently completed the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry course through Cloverdale Christian Fellowship.

They have two children and one son-in-law and live in Langley with Michael’s father and a cat.

Recent favourite quote: We owe it to ourselves, our community and creation a daily, life-changing encounter with the presence and power of Jesus. (Bill Johnson)



Associate Leader

Justin is passionate about walking with the LORD in everyday life, with no division between the “sacred” and the “secular. He has a great hunger for the Presence and Word of God and conveying the truth he receives to others. Justin is a seeker of truth and a lover of God's word, applying himself diligently to study and meditation. He is gifted in preaching and teaching and enjoys music, reading, cooking and has a growing interest in business.

Recent favourite quote: “The glory of God is as destructive of evil as it is creative of good.” (John G. Lake)